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interviewer: IRIKI (Radd Lounge)
In addition to collaborating with All Club, Ican Harem, a member of Gabber Modus Operandi, who is active in various fields such as providing music for Björk, has been interviewed in conjunction with the release of a handmade collection! We asked him to talk about his thoughts on music and fashion.

■ It is also a medium to criticize the fast fashion industry.

- You have done many interviews in Japan that focused on music, so this time I would like to focus on fashion. First of all, please tell us what inspired you to make upcycled clothes.

Since you have done many music-focused interviews in Japan, I would like to focus on fashion for this interview. First of all, could you tell us why you started making upcycled clothing?

“I started making upcycled fashion because I wanted to have a unique style and express myself, and also as a medium to criticize the fast fashion industry. It's about creating experiences, making them more personal, and having fun experimenting with processes and materials."
_ _ _

“I start make upcycling fashion because i wanna have individual style, presenting who i am, and its medium to criticizing fast fashion industries, also is the easiest acces since the source materials are from second hand clothing , and all based DIY ( Do it your self) Ethic. So my iming is to create new experience from old shape of the clothes to be more individual, also enjoy the process and experimenting the materials."

- What is the common purpose between the clothes you create and GMO's music?
What is the common purpose of the clothes you produce and GMO music?

“Finding the DNA and identity of clothes is similar to what I did at GMO. Creatively, I was thinking about what authentic Indonesian sounds like, how to express Indonesian flavor in fashion, and what I did at GMO. I always wear my pieces in performances and it works out really well.”
_ _ _

"To find the DNA and identity of the clothes, is similar treatement i did for GMO, on the creative side we always try to find what is the authentic indonesian sounds like, or how to defind indonesian looks on the fashion, and some how i always wearing my works on the performances.and its works really well.”



- What is the current state of Indonesia's fashion scene?
How's the fashion scene at Indonesia like today?

"In fact, I became more fashion conscious after seeing how musicians' looks expressed their image and political views. Sitayam Fashion Week became a phenomenon and culture was recognized on the internet . Since then, Indonesia has gradually become more aware. Thanks to this, more people are now conscious of how they look in public."

"In the industrial world, there are media and exhibitions that use fashion as content, and with the development of the Internet and economy, Indonesia has more opportunities to disseminate fashion to the world."
_ _ _

"I'm not coming from fashion scene, i was more into music.actually more aware about fashion since when i saw some musician looks are presenting their image and they political perspective ,so my source information about fashion is coming from music referenses, for me fashion is tools to speak , and to show your identity. Indonesia progressly get more awarness , since there CITAYAM FASHION WEEK phenomenon become and recognize culture on internet https://mobile.twitter.com/tokyofashion/status/1552255721265238016 Its help more people are getting be aware about how they look in public.”

“In industries theres couple media and expo also focusing fashion become they content, since internet and economy progress, indonesian more have access to distributing they fashion narration to global scene”
■ It is almost similar to the cut and paste technique in the collage art process.

- Please let me know if there are any ways to increase work engagement in creating works and work. Please also include your daily routine.
What methods, if any, do you use to increase work engagement in your artwork and work?

“Our method is to redefine the silhouette of the garment, finding a juxtaposition of mediums and materials, which is almost similar to the cut-and-paste technique in the collage art process. Sometimes we change the function (for example, we find the material for denim pants, we change it to the outside of the top, we change the outside material to a hat, and the final product becomes a handbag) This process always changes the original function I really enjoy that.”

“Since my daughter was born, I wake up early in the morning, take care of her until 9 a.m., and then work with my wife until 5 p.m. She is trained in fashion design and personally, I learned a lot about technology and the language of fashion from my wife.”
_ _ _

“Our methodes are always to find redefintion of clothing siluet, and finding juxtaposition on the medium and materials, its almost similar with cut and paste technic on collage art process, also sometime we always change the shave and function of the materilas ( example process we found denim pants material we change become top outter , and than from outter we change become hat , and the final product it will become hand bag ) this process we really enjoy to always changing the former function.

“I wake early morning since i have baby daughter , taking care my daughter till 9 am, and working with my wife till 5pm , i actually learn how to design clothes from my wife, she have fashion design education background, personally i learn alot about technice, and fashion language from my wife, we always put loud music, and we enjoying all day to find all source materials we got from friends donation, or scavanging the materials on second hand market.”

- If you have any rules or things to keep in mind when designing, please tell us as much as you can.
Please tell us about any rules or points you pay attention to when designing, as much as you can say.

“We create clothes that recognize the original fabrics of shavings and silk as much as possible, and make people realize that the redefinition of function is changing.”
_ _ _

“We would say we always put strong identity on my design, the narration of our clothes is always redifine how subcultre could be looks from indonesia.and we keep the shave and siluet of original materials as recognize as possible, so people can actually feel the "redefinition of function being change."


- Do you have any special sewing techniques?
Do you have a particular technique that your sewing machine excels at?

``We don't have any special techniques, but we always value rawness, which is our style.We named it `` #futureloundry .'' ”
_ _ _

"We don't have actual speciffic technique on process, but we always bold the rawness, its become our style. And we called #futureloundry "

■ Priority for wealth and inheritance passed to the daughter.

- Please tell us your values ​​of money and assets, and your definition of wealth.
What is your definition of wealth and the value of money and assets?

“The word for this in Arabic is shukur, which means being grateful for what you have. Since we have a daughter, the priority of wealth and inheritance has shifted to her. ”
_ _ _

“There are certain words to describe this in arabic called “ shukur ” or being greatfull with what you have, since we have daughter our priority of wealthnes legacy is passing to her , and we learning to understanding all this wealth, money and assets wasnt belong to us,, is belong to universe, to the ecosystem, its our faith to use all assets to be usefull to universe to the ecosystem, to support who need ,and recognize the privilege we got are, temporary.

- What is your favorite food?
What kind of food do you like?

"I like all Asian food, but my favorite is balado terong, which is eggplant and chili sauce."

_ _ _

"I like any type asian food , but " balado terong "are my fave one, is eggplant with chilly souce."

- Last but not least, thank you very much for this interview. Is there anything you can tell me about your current or future projects?
Finally, thank you very much for this interview. Is there anything you would like readers to know about any current and/or upcoming projects?

“Next year, we are planning a tour in Japan with VMO (Violence Magic Orchestra), a black metal techno group based in Tokyo.Also, if you are reading this interview, when you come to Bali, Please come visit our studio.”

_ _ _

“Hopefully next year we plan to have tour in japan with VMO ( violance magic orchestra) its tokyo based black metal techno, and hopefully i get more connection to share this creative , and whoever reas this article you are welcome to our studio whenever you visit bali island.”


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