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<Employment type>

Full-time employee / Part-time employee (there is a trial period)

<Number of people recruiting>

a few people

<Work details>

Shift system (working days negotiable)


Transportation expenses provided / Incentive system available / Full-time promotion system available / Employee discount available / Salary increase system available / Overtime allowance 100% paid / Part-time job hourly wage 1,200 yen ~ (hourly wage 1,100 yen for 100 hours of training period)

<Business details>

Purchasing management, sales staff, EC management operations


All duties Cleaning, tidying up Salesperson General duties related to sales, customer management duties, RADD LOUNGE Wearing the brands we handle Purchasing management Basic PC skills, Excel, inventory management, general duties from arrival to release EC Operational duties Basic General online work such as PC skills, Photoshop, Excel, and product photography

<Human resources we are looking for>

All duties Those who can sympathize with our business philosophy and worldview, those who are healthy both physically and mentally, those who can approach work with enthusiasm, and those who place emphasis on process-results

Salesperson: Someone who is bright and has good communication skills, someone who finds meaning in life by making people happy, and someone who loves associated culture, including fashion.

Purchasing management/EC operations Those who can carry out work with accuracy and speed, those who can create their own schedules and constantly improve work efficiency, those who like to work diligently.

<Application details>

Resume/work history (with photo)

<Examination process>

1. Apply with resume/work history 2. Document screening 3. First interview (only for those who pass document screening) 4. Final interview

We will contact only those who pass the document screening, and we will be responsible for destroying the application documents of unsuccessful applicants.

<Resume/career history address>

Please write your email address and Instagram account on your resume/job history with a photo and send it to either the above address ①, email address ②, or our instagram (radd_lounge_info) DM ③.

① 1st floor, EGG Building, 1-13-10 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041

RADD LOUNGE Human Resources Department / tel: 03-6455-0103


radd_lounge_info DM