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[Interview] Future prospects of AUSSCHUSS, just 20 years old

artwork: 3000000000am | press release: Flora Yin-Wong
interviewer: IRIKI (Radd Lounge) | translator: Tatsuya Yamamoto

Ausschuss is a 20-year-old producer who grew up in England and now lives in Berlin. Creates music influenced by dark industrial based on aggressive sounds. Ominous and tense pieces like "Mantle" and "Regolith" are set in brooding, mechanical tempos with more human elements such as unnerving sighs and melodic chopped vocals. sway with. It's already been mixed by London-based boutiques Primitive and Disc Magazine , and is ready for another release on Astral Plane , along with bootlegs from Acre and others.

Berlin-based, UK-raised Ausschuss is a 20-year-old producer working with dark, industrial-influenced sounds through abrasive textures and sound design. His often foreboding and overtly tense productions such as 'Mantle' and 'Regolith' fluctuate between dystopian , mechanical movements as well as more unnerving human elements from breathy utterances to almost melodic chopped up vocals. Having already been enlisted for mixes by the likes of London-based boutique Primitive to Disc Magazine, he's set to land his next on Astral Plane, alongside bootleg reworkings of the likes of Acre.

- Words by Flora Yin-Wong

■ If the sound doesn't sound the way I think it will,
You'll be fine in no time.

[Interview] The future prospects of AUSSCHUSS at the age of 20

ー When did you start playing music?
When did you start making music?

"I started in 2011 when I was living in the UK, and about a year later I got really into it and bought UK techno and dubstep records. After that, back in Berlin, I felt free in many ways. I can live without a lot of income and have plenty of time outside of work to focus on my own projects."
_ _ _

"In 2011 I started while living in the UK, and about a year later I started really getting into it and buying a lot of UK Techno and Dubstep records. Moving back to Berlin was very liberating in a lot of ways. It's a city that allows survival on a small income with enough time outside of work to focus on own projects.”

- Is there anything you are conscious of when making music?
Is there anything you keep in mind when you are making music?

"No matter what kind of music I make, I think in the same way. Whether it's about putting some emotion into the song, or if there's a sample I like and use it, that's the starting point. In the former case. I spend hours rummaging through sample packs and figuring out how to make the sounds I want to use to create a specific sound. Even if it's not the sound I want to make, there are producers who can prepare the whole song and then mix it down and adjust it, but I can't do that, so I envy you. If it's not a sound, it quickly becomes irrelevant, so it's a very time-consuming process, because it's easy to get lost."

_ _ _

"There is definitely a similar mentality whenever I start on a piece. Either I am feeling a certain way and need to get it out of me into a piece, or a sample has caught my ear and I just go from there. The former often leads to trying to find very specific sounds by spending hours either trawling through sample packs or trying to find out how to synthesise a certain sound. Producing and mixing down are pretty much happening simultaneously throughout - some producers can lay out a whole piece with sounds that aren't quite what they want and then mix down and change everything afterwards. I envy that, because I really can't do that, I lose interest very quickly if the sound isn't exactly what I want. , I lose the plot pretty easily."

- Your early work is very aggressive, strong and bold, but your recent work (e.g. the Tomas Urquieta remix) shows a more sinister and calculated side. Is this on purpose? Do you see yourself moving in a new direction?
Your early productions are very aggressive, heavy and in-your-face . In your more recent pieces (like the remix for Tomas Urquieta) you have been showing a more nuanced and nimble side to your work. moving in new directions?

"Well, I did it on purpose. Two years ago I really enjoyed making aggressive sounds and listened to a lot of similar music. I thought it would be interesting to have different music, experimenting with the margins to place more complex sounds and especially how you pan it is important to make the song lively and moving. What I'm particular about is opening up a blank space and being able to compose a song in which you can imagine yourself. Developing around that blank space so that the listener can see the blank space gradually, and if necessary, the listener can break the blank space that is in the way of the song at a certain moment. I'm focused on getting it right."
_ _ _
"Yes, it is intentional. 2 years ago aggression was really fun and a lot of the music I was listening to was in a similar vein. Since then I have expanded a lot what I have been listening to and finding it very enjoyable to not always having everything hitting hard and fast and loud. Playing around with more complexes spaces to place the sounds in and how panning in particular can really expand a piece into a very alive and moving thing. Being able to make pieces that really open up a space and allow me to imagine myself in between various spaces and rooms is where most of my focus is. A lot of stuff I'm making right now is much more about creating one space from the start and simply expanding on that, letting the listener visualize the space step by step and, if it feels right, disrupt the space and break whatever room is confining the piece at a given moment."

■ How the sound sounds in my head,
It's a lot of fun to recreate that sound.

ー I often see artwork that samples Japanese anime. Do you also like anime?
Some of your cover arts sample japanese anime. Do things like anime inspire you?

“Manga in particular has had a huge influence on me. I’ve been into comics since I was about eight years old. Sounds are very expressive in comics. What it sounds like in my head and recreating that sound is so much fun."
_ _ _

"Manga especially has a huge influence on me. I have avidly read and obsess over them from when I was about 8 years old. It's very expressive with how things sound - there are always description of how a particular action sounds and for me it's really Interesting to see how they sound inside my head and go and attempt to recreate that."

- Is there any difference between live performance and DJ play?
Is there a difference when you perform live compared to when you DJ?

"When I play live, it's a lot slower than when I'm DJing because it's my own songs. When I'm DJing, I play club music that I want to dance to. No, there's definitely a big difference between live and DJing."
_ _ _

"When I perform live it's just my work and defintely a lot slower than when I DJ. When DJing I just play club music I wanna dance to myself, so it's a lot of UK, Techno and not so much free form off the grid stuff There's definitely quite a difference."

[Interview] The future prospects of AUSSCHUSS at the age of 20

ー Could you tell us about future releases?
Can you tell us about anything you are currently working on or you have planned?

"Right now, I'm working on an EP for PTP (Purple Tape Pedigree) this year, 2017!"

_ _ _

"At the moment I am preparing an EP for PTP for 2017!"

ー Are you interested in fashion? What, if any, are you interested in?
Are you interested in fashion?

"I'm interested in brands that take a fashion rather than a functional approach to high-tech fabrics and performance wear. Brands like Acronym and Christpher Raeburn are doing very interesting things. Now Cottweiler and Liam Hodges. I'm in the mood."

_ _ _

"I'm really interested in designers using technical fabrics and performance wear with more of a fashion approach than just function. Brands like Acronym and Christopher Raeburn have been doing really interesting work. I've also been really feeling Cottweiler and Liam Hodges for a minute now."

ー Finally, please tell us your best 4 songs.
Last question, please tell me your favorite 4 musics.

"In no particular order, but these are the songs I've been enjoying listening to lately."
_ _ _

"In no particular order these are tracks I've been listening to and enjoying a lot lately-"
Stay Ugly - Millie & Andrea
Stenny - Consumer's Tool
PNL - Onizuka
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[Interview] The future prospects of AUSSCHUSS at the age of 20