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[Interview] Up-and-coming artist WHY BE's journey to date

design: Kyselina | model: PALMISTRY, WHY BE
interviewer: IRIKI (Radd Lounge) | translator: Tatsuya Yamamoto
[Interview] Up-and-coming artist WHY BE's journey to date
Along with the sale of WHY BE×RADD LOUNGE collaboration items, we have an exclusive interview with WHY BE, a producer and DJ based in Berlin and Copenhagen! He talked about the origin of his artist name and his identity as an Asian, along with a message to his Japanese fans.

■ We hope to release it soon under the name of Mukbang Soundsystem.

[Interview] Up-and-coming artist WHY BE's journey to date
- First of all, please tell us the origin of your name (WHY BE, DJ Yung Bukkake, 900kjuke, etc.) and your background.
Can you tell us about the origins of your names (Why Be, DJ Yung Bukkake, 900kjuke)? Also, can you tell us about yourself?

"Yung Bukkake was one of the first names I used. It's a way to describe how easy it was for me to feel that I was being criticized on the internet from all sides. It's really bad. 900juke." is a slightly modified version of "gook juke", which is the name I gave myself to the music I was making when I first started, with footwork-like drums and Korean folk music. It was sampled.WHY BE is simply an acronym for Young Bukkake because the name Yung Bukkake was a bit too silly.Hopefully we can release it as Mukbang Soundsystem soon. ”
_ _ _

"yung bukkake was one of the first names i used. really dumb gross way to explain how i easily felt hosed down from every angle by the internet. 900kjuke is another way of writing 'gook juke' which i named some of the first music i it was footwork styled drum patterns with korean folk music samples. Why Be simply comes from spelling out the YB initials since i thought that name (yung bukkake) sounded too stupid at some point. hopefully i'll be releasing music as 'Mukbang Soundsystem' soon."
ー Please tell us about the production process of “Snipesttreet (HALC002)” released by Halcyon Veil and “NOTYPESTREET”.
What led you to release ”Sniperstreet” and ”NOTYPESTREET”?

"I made 'snipesttreet' because I felt like I was ready, and Rabit wanted me to release it at the right time. It's been a year since it was released, and it's been a long time coming. A friend of mine did some great edits and remixes, so the release of 'notypestreet' was a natural result."
_ _ _
"'snipestreet' happened due to a) me feeling ready for the first time in 8 yrs b) rabit asked me to do it at exactly at that point of my life. about 1 year after the release so many friends had done amazing beautiful edits /remixes so 'notypestreet' was a natural result of that."
[Interview] Up-and-coming artist WHY BE's journey to date
- "Doom Bells", which you made for the Co-Op compilation, was personally reminiscent of Mosquito sounds. Does this make any sense?
”Doom Bells”, which you made for Co-Op Compilation, reminded me of mosquito sound.

"I don't think it's particularly meaningful, but it's one of the more disturbing tracks I've made, and I think it fits the theme of this compilation. I don't think so."
_ _ _

"not really. but it's def one of the more uncomfortable tracks i've made and it fit in quite well with the compilations theme. like, pay for this cause or everything will sound and feel like this."

Below is the statement accompanying the release of the Co-Op Copilation

Producers who have united across the world and are trying to express their intentions through this compilation have gathered here. That will is the will to take action by speaking and sharing, the will to resist the oppression that compels silence, and the oppression of silence. Their will, in the face of this normalized oppression, has worked to ensure that these voices emerge from the current political landscape.

This compilation is intended to be a call to action, a challenge to recognize organizations and communities that have long struggled for equality and help. I want you to take action in your community against any form of discrimination and its backlash.

"Co-Op" is based on trust, so it's not free.

In exchange for downloading this compilation, donate your time or money to any of the social organizations listed below, or of your own choosing, that are on the front lines defending marginalized organizations around the world. I want you to turn for It has the potential to drive change in the region.

Gathered here are a group of producers standing in worldwide solidarity, and through this compilation wish to express an intent? that of taking action through voicing and sharing, and that of challenging a silencing oppression and the oppression of silence, which in its pervasive presence has aided the coming to be of the current political status quo.

This compilation is a call-to-action, and an invitation to be aware of the organizations and communities which have been active in a struggle for equality and aid for years. discrimination and its backlashes.

“Co-Op” is given on a trust-basis, this is not a free compilation.

In exchange for a download, we encourage you to donate your time or money to a local social organization listed or of your choice on the frontlines of protecting marginalized groups worldwide.

 Stop being evaluated by stereotypes,
I just wanted to be "something that exists"

- Does your Asian identity influence your activities? Also, racial and sexual minorities such as co-op and all-female collectives like sister and discwoman are taking action. Please tell us your opinion on these activities.
Does your identity as an Asian affect your production? Typfied by the activities of Co-Op, Sister and Discwoman, racial and sexual minorities are taking action. Tell us your opinion toward these activities.

"I think it's great that people come together and create their own world, but I don't think I'm going to stay. I think it was with Demon City (with Lexxi, Rabit, Chino Amobi & Elysia Crampton) Being Asian was more important to me in the old days, trying to figure out who I am. And (I was raised by Danish parents, so I didn't really understand it) I used to say a lot of things, but then both Denmark and Korea gave me the feeling I was looking for. I realized that I couldn't give it to you, so I stopped trying to be something that was judged by stereotypes and tried to just be something that existed. ”
_ _ _

"i think it's amazing that ppl get together and form their own world order but i personally feel like i'm scattered all over the place. my diaspora doesn't exist but the closest i'll get is probably what we did with 'Demon City' (with Lexxi, Rabit, Chino Amobi & Elysia Crampton). being asian meant more to me when i was younger. i would draw alot on references (that i essentially didn't understand cause i was raised by danish parents) in a search of finding out who i was. then i realized that neither denmark or korea was ever gonna give me the feeling i was looking for so i stopped trying to be something already pre-measured and just tried to exist.”
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ー Do you have any interests other than music?
What are your interests apart from music?

"I'm very careful with what I eat, and going to beautiful places where I can swim."
_ _ _

"I care a lot about food. And going to beautiful places where I can swim."
ー Please tell us the 5 best songs in your life.
Can you tell us your top 5 favorite songs in your life?
[Interview] Up-and-coming artist WHY BE's journey to date
hype williams - . (hype williams untitled 3)
felix lee - national grid
sky h1 ft. uli k - eyes (itami)
sade - smooth operator
ー Lastly, you are scheduled to perform at an event hosted by RADD LOUNGE on March 31st, so please give a message to your Japanese fans.

Finally, you are going to participate in the event hosted by RADD LOUNGE on 31 March, can you give a word to your fans in Japan?

“I am very excited to finally be able to go to Japan.
_ _ _

"i am out of this world excited to finally go to japan and i'm very humbled and happy that it's finally happening."
[Interview] Up-and-coming artist WHY BE's journey to date
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[Interview] Up-and-coming artist WHY BE's journey to date
Speacial Thanks to Tobias , Alberto , Benji , Tatsuya.