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interviewer: IRIKI (Radd Lounge) translator: Tatsuya Yamamoto
Along with the release of collaboration items by the up-and-coming brand RIBEYRON and RADD LOUNGE, we conducted an exclusive interview with one of the designers, Jacques-Elie. What changes in music and cultural diversity he says are "most important" to him? He spoke with his own background.

■ I started Ribeyron in 2015 with a friend based in New York.


- First of all, please tell us about your upbringing.
Can you tell us about yourself?

"I grew up in Montreal and studied in Lausanne. I've been based in Paris for a few years now. In 2015, I started Ribeyron with a friend who is based in New York. Since then, I've been doing this. I'm doing
_ _ _

"Yes, i grew up in Montreal and moved to Lausanne for studies. I am based in Paris since a few years now, i started the label end 2015 with a friend who is based in NY. I work on this since then."

ー When did you first become interested in fashion?
When did you get interested in fashion?

"As far as I can remember, I used to sketch sneakers in my notebook in school."
_ _ _

"As far i can remember i was interested by fashion, i was at school and was drawing sneakers in my note books."

■ I try not to reject any idea, even if it doesn't fit my style.

Jacques-Elie talks about changes to cultural diversity

ー Is there anything you keep in mind when creating your works?
What do you keep in mind when you are making pieces of your collection?

“I try not to dismiss any idea even if it doesn’t fit my style. Sometimes I adopt a completely different style. For."
_ _ _

"I try to not block any idea even if it doesn't fit the rest of the styles. Sometimes i like to bring a few styles very different to break a rhythm that would be installed by too much unity."

ーYou've created lookbooks with Etienne Saint-Denis and Lu Philippe Guilmette . How did you come to work with them?
You work with people like Étienne Saint-Denis and Lu Philippe Guilmette. What led you to work with them?

“They were introduced to me by a friend named Clara Turcotte , and I started working with them. there is."
_ _ _

"I started to work with them when my friend Clara Turcotte introduced me to them. They shot the SS16 lookbook together in Brooklyn, it went well so kept in touch with them."

ss16 lookbook-Jacques-Elie talks about changes to cultural diversity

ー Do you have any interests other than fashion?
What are your interests apart from fashion?

“Before I started working in fashion, I studied product design, so I'm really interested in industrial products, and architecture.
_ _ _

"I studied product design before to step into fashion so i have a great interest for industrial products and also architecture. I find important to keep a foot into these disciplines also."

ー How do you think the fashion scene will change in the future?
What do you think is the future for the fashion scene?

What do you think the fashion scene will be like in the future?

“When I was a teenager, the subcultures were mutually exclusive. To exaggerate a little, people who listened to punk music only hung out with people who looked like them and I didn't get involved with people who were different from us.When I started skating, skaters would fight with people who were listening to hip hop.From the end of the 90's things started to change, even with music. It's gone.It's all changed now.For the better.There are no more barriers to anything, and you can take whatever direction you want without being judged by others.Even if there were barriers, It's not like it used to be.I think there's more respect for individuality.People are more comfortable and they can be who they want to be.The same goes for the fashion industry.Everyone is moving in the right direction. I hope you go."
_ _ _

"When i was teeneger there was sub cultures that were more difficult to merge to each other. I exaggerate a bit here but it was like people who where listening punk music where hanging out with people just like them who where dressing the same also and where not really merging with the people who where too different.When i began skating skaters where even sometimes in fight with people who where listening hip hop music.At the end of the nineties it tended to change while musical movements began to merge.Today all is different in the positive way as on all the levels there is less barrier, people can look the way they want without being judged by the others or if there are it is way less than before. feel more comfortable to be and look as they feel comfortable. This reflects on fashion industry, people should continue to go in the positive way.”

■ Music is probably one of the most important things for me.

ー Are you interested in music? What, if any, are you interested in?
Do you have an interest in music?

“Music is probably one of the most important things for me. I always do my paintings for my collections, or when I think about my collections, I listen to music in everything I do. When I'm alone, I carry earphones around the house and in the studio.Music affects my mood and influences everything I do."
_ _ _

"Music is probably one of the most important things for me. I always listen to music when i draw or think the collections or for pretty anything i do. ​​When i am alone i just bring my earpods everywhere in the house and same at the studio. It influences my mood and gives the tone of pretty everything i do."

- Finally. tell me your best song
Last question, please tell me your favorite music.

at the end. tell me your best song

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Special Thanks to Jacques-Elie, Tatsuya.